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We fit tyres to most types of vehicle

  • tyre_repairHunter Pro Align 4 Wheel – Laser Alignment
  • From £35 plus VAT inc one adjustment
  • 4 Wheel Laser Alignment carried out by our technicians.
  • Benefits from correct wheel alignment include potential Fuel Saving

4 Wheel Laser Alignment

With all four wheels aligned to the manufacturer specification you will have the best possible rolling resistance on your vehicle. This will give you the best possibility to reduce fuel consumption.

Improved Tyre Life

When your car is out of alignment, your tyres will wear unevenly. You will have to replace tyres sooner due to this wear.

Correct Handling

If your car pulls left or right, drifts to one side, feels non-responsive on corners, wanders or tramlines when driving on a straight road. These are all symptoms of mis-alignment. This can be corrected and make the vehicle handle properly, so making it safer to drive.

Tyres for Vans

We also can provide tyres for vans including Transit Vans, Mercedes and Sprinters


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