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John Newman Bodyworks

Celebrates 40 years in businesss & diversifies to meet future customer needs.

John Newman GarageJohn Newman Bodyworks Ltd of Sandy, Bedfordshire, like many other accident repair centres needed to look for other forms of revenue. To this end, during 2011 and 2012 we heavily invested in additional equipment and training to enhance its mainstream business of accident and body repairs. The equipment and training has allowed John Newman’s to offer enhanced services provided to many of its corporate customers and work providers, which includes vehicle servicing and maintenance, tyre services, 4 wheel alignment, same-day repairs, fast-track repairs, end of fleet refurbishment and alloy road wheel refurbishment, to name a few. We can offer MOT’s on the classes of vehicles 4 and 7 (see recommended charges under the MOT Banner)

John Newman Bodyworks Ltd had found they with increased levels of insurance policy excesses that drivers pay in order to reduce their monthly premiums (one recently £1100), many of the above enhanced services are benefiting drivers, especially when they cannot afford their excess. Fast-track or express repairs very often are considerably less than the insurance excess quoted on their policy.

We have monitored the way the market has changed over the past couple of years and the way it continues to change and felt it appropriate to develop our portfolio of services to meet our customer’s needs. This meant diversifying into areas that hadn’t been core to our business before, but are proving to be a success in these early days of implementation. The same-day express repair has proven extremely positive for both retail and insurer customers.” Over these 40 years John Newman Bodyworks Ltd. has steadily expanded on the types of vehicle it repairs and now boasts it can repair, cars small and large vans, home delivery supermarket vehicles, motorhomes, caravans, emergency vehicles, large goods vehicles and trailers. To enable repairs to severely damaged large goods vehicles and trailers John Newman Bodyworks Ltd. have the state of the art Josam commercial jig facility.

The realignment of services that has been adapted to meet today’s customer demands, provides solid foundations for John Newman Bodyworks Ltd. to provide their existing and new customers with a quality service for many years to come.

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